How we customise each piece

Standard vs classic frame

A classic is hand made from sustainably milled New Zealand beech timber. It is glued, screwed and corner blocked. It has hand tied coil springs. This adds a longevity and extra comfort level.

A standard frame is hand made from sustainably milled New Zealand pine with the legs being made from NZ beech. It is glued, screwed and corner blocked. It has zig zag (no sag springs). It is a more economical frame to manufacture which is reflected in the price.

Both types of frames form the integral style of the piece, i.e. the timber is shaped to the roll of the arm or whatever the style. The foam and the upholstery are there for comfort and aesthetics, completing the piece.

Altering the seat depth

We offer 3 seat depths 900/950/1000mm. This doesn’t alter the cost

Altering the seat height or back height

Yes this is something that we offer as part of our custom made service. This may alter the price.

Sofa size guide

1676 = 2 seater

1800 = large 2 seater small 2.5 seater

1980 = 2.5 seater

2140= 3 seater

2286 = large 3 seater or 3.5 seater

2440 = 4 seater

Patterned fabric vs plain

Matching a pattern will require more fabric. Matching a pattern can also alter the way your piece will look. Please talk to us about how you visualise the pattern working.


Having a skirt incurs an extra charge and also requires extra fabric.

Chair Nailing

Chair nailing is a classic finish, but there are other ways to finish your piece, e.g. gimp or piping. Please talk to us about your preference.

Leather or fabric

Yes leather is a wonderful option for many of our styles. Leather work is more costly than fabric but is a very popular option. We can advise on the benefits of either option for your requirements.

Deep Buttoning

Deep buttoning is available on some styles. Please talk to us about your requirements. Buttoning does incur an extra cost.

Your design

We can custom make and do prototype work. Please contact us with your design ideas.

Leg colours

We offer eight standard stain colour choices. We can arrange to have special colours done. This service does incur an extra charge.

Styles of legs

Tapered or turned with or without castors or block or bun foot. Custom made if required.

Cushion Fill Options

Our standard fill is ergo fill. There are other options, feather and ergo mix, feather foam wrap or foam Tetron wrap as well as Wisewool. These other choices alter the price. Please enquire to discuss the best solution for you.


We do restoration work where pieces are restored to their former state. We can have the wood work repaired stripped and refinished. We replace all materials as necessary to make the piece as new.


Allow six to eight weeks from receipt of fabric. But due to fluctuations in business and delays with fabric etc, always ask how long. You may be pleasantly surprised.


Our frames are not composite cardboard, not composite timber, not stapled flat board box frames

Our frames are made from sustainably milled pine and beech hardwood.
They are glued screwed and corner blocked.
Traditional methods of hand tying springs are used on classic pieces.
Traditional upholstery methods are still used where appropriate

Our frames form the integral style with the foam and the upholstery completing the piece.

Our cushions are over locked on all seams. The seam allowance is generous enough to prevent it pulling out from the seam. All the cushions have liners either made from calico for ergo fill cushions or with down proof cambric for feather fill.

We use good quality high density foam on the arms of our furniture and this prevents it collapsing.

All outside arms are lined with Hessian to give strength to the fabric. If it is indented the Hessian takes the impact and helps prevent the fabric stretching.

All of our springs are covered with a spring protector cloth that prevents wear on the foam and internal materials.