Palmerston North Upholsterers go natural

Palmerston North Upholsterers go natural

We are excited to announce we have formed a new partnership. Following some very interesting in-store conversations and a growing environmental awareness the pendulum is swinging back in favour of natural and renewable fibres. In a move away from synthetic materials this is the continuation of us creating a quality sustainable product made here in NZ with NZ made product.

We are delighted to have partnered with Wisewool to enable us to offer you the 100% natural, chemical free, moisture- balancing and flame retardant properties of wool in our furniture.

Remarkably resilient, wool has an inherent elasticity that affords it the flexibility to be used in endless ways. It’s naturally absorbent and can help to regulate temperature, warming in winter and cooling in summer.

This porous nature also means wool is naturally fire-resistant and completely self-distinguishing, making it a safe choice for families. Whatsmore, as one of nature’s most renewable resources, it’s nice to know that wool is good for our planet too with our wool offcuts going into the garden as weed mat.

Not only is this option available for our new furniture we are also using Wisewool for reupholstery where this is important to our clients.


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