Do Honeycomb blinds actually insulate?

Do Honeycomb blinds actually insulate?

Having recently installed these in my laundry/toilet area I was at first sceptical being the back area of an old house that was permanently cold I wasn't sure the honeycomb blind was going to make that much of a difference.

Now we're in the middle of a cold wet New Zealand July and I'm delighted with how much warmer these rooms are, we no longer shut this part of the house off as its as warm as the rest of the house which means washing gets dry inside in a day now.

And they look really good, we installed blockout in the same colour as the window frame, an off white and they look like they're meant to be there.

So how does it actually work?

The unique shape of the honeycomb means air gets trapped inside the blind

cells providing an insulating layer and trapping the cold air between the glass and the blind. 

Also available in translucent and day/night they also have the ability to block heat in the summer and control UV.

Are Honeycombs right for you?

Often it comes down to the configuration of your window and how much room is inside your window frame to fit the Honeycombs which is just a matter of us coming to have a look, we provide a free measure quote in Manawatu.

There are a range of colours and opening options whether corded or cordless there is also the option to motorise.

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