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Lido Tall Outdoor Bar Stool - Charcoal

Lido Tall Outdoor Bar Stool - Charcoal

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A Stylish European Monobloc Tall Outdoor Bar Stool. The Striking Perforated Style allows for Drainage, with UV & Weather Resistant Properties to ward off the harmful Sun. Commercially Rated and 3rd Party Tested to Weights of Over 200kg.

The Lido Tall Outdoor Bar Stool, a beautiful, distinctive monobloc stool designed & made by NARDI of Italy from polypropylene & fiberglass resin. Its unique perforated style offers great aesthetics and the practical functionality of water run off when used outdoors. The Lido can be used both indoors and outdoors, though with its holey nature it tends to take centre stage outside for most use cases. It has a mono-colour matte finish and is sure to catch eyes whether you’re decorating your kitchen or outdoor patio area. It’s commercially rated with a 2-year manufacturer backed warranty, making it a great choice for bars, cafes, restaurants or office spaces or for residential buyers who aren’t content with standard quality.

Manufactured with the highest quality industry-specific materials in an injection mould process, the Lido Tall Outdoor Bar Stool’s construction boasts:

  • Commercial Grade Polypropylene & Fiberglass Resin
  • 100% Recyclable Materials
  • Ultra-Resistant to Weather & UV Light (Fade Resistant)
  • Non-toxic & Anti-static

When these Bar Stools are used outdoors, the high-end manufacturing materials really display their value. Inexpensive options will fall victim to the accumulation of nasty growth like moss, mildew, and mould. The Lido Tall Bar Stool is resistant to this sort of nuisance, and in any case, cleans off simply with a cloth and mild soapy water. The Lido’s resin is filled with UV additives that protect it for longevity against harmful UV light, even with NZ’s absentee ozone protection.

The Lido Tall Outdoor Bar Stool’s practical features:

  • 200kg+ 3rd Party Tested Weight Rating
  • Stackable
  • Rubber Plug Feet to prevent movement
  • Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean (Mild Soap & Water)



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